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We at RVPS have been investigating ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists since 1999. But we can’t do it alone. Have you ever experienced sudden, unexplainable chills? Feelings of nausea or dread in certain areas of your home? Sightings of unexplainable shadows or figures? We want to hear about it! Submit your videos, audio clips, and written reports to help us track paranormal activity across the globe. Become an honorary RVPS member and help us pursue science, adventure, and all things spooky!

Close Encounters

Case 059–05568

Waltham, Massachusetts

Investigator Quinn McKinney has reported sightings of a “phantom bird” in his office. McKinney claims he has heard bird speaking an indecipherable language in deep, raspy voice.

Case 059–05692

Warwick, Rhode Island

A “phantom bird” identical to that filmed in Case 059–05568 has been reported. The bird appeared to Investigator Lani Kuilima while she explored an abandoned fallout shelter. An old, unplugged radio turned on and began playing strange music when the bird appeared.

Case 063–52134

Evansville, Kentucky

Investigator Meg Duran experienced unaccountable shadows and strange, beastly noises in her basement.

Case 051–32062

Franklin, Tennessee

Footage found on abandoned cellphone discovered by Investigators Jiao Smith and Katya Colemann. The exact location has been identified as a closed warehouse known for spectral activity. The phone’s original owner—and what they were so afraid of—remain unknown.

Case 076–70393

Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

Mysterious lights seen in the night sky by Investigator Jacob Potts. Potts and fellow witnesses reported hearing a strange, low buzzing noise before the lights appeared. Potential suspects: ghost lights; UFOs; will-o’-the-wisps…